The Science + Technology Park at Johns Hopkins is more than just real estate!

  • We understand the needs of scientists. Education, research, networking, community, and conferences are important.
  • We are responsive to the critical nature of your research and operations.
  • We provide resources to help ensure your business success.

The expertise of our workforce is as critical to our success as the effectiveness of our research and technology.

Opportunities in construction and contracting are available. We are particularly interested in participation by local, minority, and women-owned businesses and residents.

Whether your career path is pursuing original science in the laboratory, working directly with our customers, manufacturing quality products or supporting our community in another way opportunities are available to develop and expand your career while making a true difference in people’s lives.
Opportunities are available through the East Baltimore Development, Inc.

We work to foster an atmosphere that ignites your passion and supports your creative thinking. The diverse organizations at the Science + Technology Park provide challenging and rewarding experiences that can take your career to the next level.