What can you tell me about the schools and neighborhood?

Since 2002, the Annie E. Casey Foundation has played a leading role in the East Baltimore revitalization initiative. This is an innovative effort to sustain, rebuild and reinvigorate the neighborhood adjacent to the Johns Hopkins University and Hospital complex into a mixed-income residential area and be the engine of economic opportunity for both existing and new residents.

Where are we today?

The Rangos Building, 855 N. Wolfe St., was completed in 2008, with the Johns Hopkins Institute of Basic Biomedical Sciences as the anchor tenant. In 2011, the Berman Institute of Bioethics completed the redevelopment of a historic former police station. The 929 Residential Tower opened in June of 2012. The Maryland Institute College of Art has established programs in graduate studies within the development. By 2015, we saw the opening of additional restaurants and stores including Atwater’s, 7-Eleven and a Walgreens. The Ashland Parking Garage and The State of Maryland Public Health Laboratory . 1812 Ashland Ave – the Innovation Hub opened in July of 2016.

The new Henderson-Hopkins K-8 School serves as an anchor for the neighborhood, providing high-quality education for elementary and middle-grade students. It also offers health and social services, recreational opportunities, and cultural enrichment programs for families in the neighborhood. New and renovated housing has been completed. Additional for sale and rental housing is underway. Eager Park, a community park that will actively promote wellness and recreation in the neighborhood will open in early 2017.

Long term
The projects ambitious long-term goals to create 1,700 new and rehabilitated homes, 1.5 million square feet of office and lab space, a state-of-the-art elementary and middle school, a neighborhood market and retail stores, as well as new public space and recreational opportunities.

We seek to leverage this investment to the neighborhoods that surround the project area in order to further the renovation of the larger East Baltimore community. Rehabilitation has already begun among the residential neighborhoods to the east and west.