Local Partners in Baltimore

  • Maryland is home to more than 500 core bioscience companies.
  • Maryland has the highest concentration of doctoral scientists, engineers, mathematical and biological scientists, health care providers and technical professionals in the nation.

TechAmerica’s Cyberstates 2015 report:

  • 13,879 high technology establishments – ranked13th.
  • 181,300 high technology workers – 11th.
  •  High technology firms employed 86 of every 1,000 private sector workers in 2010 – 4th.
  • Average high technology wage – $104,689 – 9th  vs.  overall private sector wage of $53,300.
  • A total high technology payroll of $19 billion in 2015.
  • Leading occupational job categories: Systems Software Developers, Computer Systems Analysts, Software Developers, Computer-user Support Specialists, Telecommunications, R&D Testing Labs, Engineering Services, Measuring and Control Instruments Manufacturing.

R&D Intensity

  • Maryland’s universities receive more than $1.7 billion in NIH research grants and contract awards, and conduct more than $2 billion in R&D.
  • Johns Hopkins University ranks first among U.S. colleges and universities in total National Institutes of Health awards, including grants and contracts for research, development, training and fellowships.
  • Maryland ranks first in the nation in National Institutes of Health research and development contract awards.
  • Johns Hopkins University ranks first among academic institutions in the nation in research and development expenditures.  The university also ranks first in federally funded research.