Johns Hopkins Tech Ventures

From Idea to Industry
Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures helps develop new discoveries and inventions into products and services that benefit society and transform the world. JHTV helps inventors and entrepreneurs protect and license their innovations and foster collaboration with business partners who specialize in launching new inventions.
JHTV’s mission is to protect the intellectual property of Johns Hopkins faculty and to commercialize these inventions for the public good and bring the benefits of discovery to the world.

Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures

We do this by:

  • Helping Johns Hopkins inventors fulfill their intellectual and commercial potential.
  • Protecting Johns Hopkins inventions through the filing of patent applications and the licensing of technologies for commercialization.
  • Developing partnerships between Johns Hopkins inventors and external parties interested in leveraging JHU research or materials for academic or corporate endeavors.
  • Providing and coordinating licensing agreements, startups, core facilities, sponsored research, material transfer agreements, research collaborations, and clinical trial opportunities to those best able to bring JHU technologies to market.
  • Promoting the availability of essential medicines for the world.

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