Why Forest City Science + Technology Group?

  • Forest City Realty Trust is a real estate leader in creating distinctive places to live, work and shop.
  • Forest City has developed facilities at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), of Pennsylvania, and Northwestern University. It is also currently developing the Cornell-Tech campus in NYC.
  • Forest City’s highly-skilled interdisciplinary team includes talented people with experience in architecture, construction, leasing, financing, facilities management, life science company management, and new business development.

Other Forest City Science + Technology Group developments

  • University Park at MIT, developed in partnership with MIT, is located adjacent to the MIT campus. The project is one of the most successful urban innovation communities in the country and is a model for the East Baltimore effort. It integrates 1.5 million square feet of scientific research facilities, 670 residential units, a hotel, and retail amenities into a vibrant 27-acre development.
  • Translational Research Lab at University of Pennsylvania¬†brought new life to an abandoned industrial facility located near the University of Pennsylvania campus. The building is home to state-of-the-art, flexible, efficient laboratory facilities built to support the research programs affiliated with the schools of Medicine and Engineering.