New East Baltimore Partnership

Forest City-New East Baltimore Partnership and its partners are creating a state-of-the-art technology park that will anchor a revitalized community in East Baltimore. The project comprises an 88-acre, $1.5 billion urban redevelopment effort that combines significant new business activity with new and renovated housing complemented by a wealth of community amenities. It is a one-of-a-kind effort that brings together leadership from residents, business, education, government, and philanthropic foundations. For an update on progress Click here for pdf. The community will have 1,700 new or renovated homes for mixed-income buyers and renters, including town homes, duplex homes, apartments and senior housing. A significant number of new jobs will be created for individuals with skills ranging from entry level to advanced degrees.

community-lookingthroughthelensatbaltimore-2013The new housing developments comprise affordable, moderate and market-rate housing that include for-sale and rental properties as well as graduate student housing. The new Henderson-Hopkins Public School is the first new public school built in Baltimore in 22 years. It is operated by Johns Hopkins University School of Education. In addition to the children of local residents, children of Baltimore residents who work in the neighborhood have priority for enrollment.

Over 80,000 SF of retail space is being developed in the community. Tenants include Atwater’s, Kabobi Café, a Walgreens, and other service retail serving neighborhood needs.

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