Our Partners

Forest City Realty Trust is teaming with Presidential Partners, a local group of experienced developers and contractors, to create the Science + Technology Park at Johns Hopkins and revitalize the surrounding residential neighborhood. Presidential Partners – New East Baltimore Partnership is comprised of Ronald Lipscomb, Dean Harrison, Owen Tonkins, Brian Morris, Kenneth Banks, Anthony Ambridge and Dan Wilkinson. Their team brings expertise in planning, implementing and building complex commercial and residential projects in the City of Baltimore working on scaffoldwhile possessing deep respect and knowledge of neighborhood interests. Another key player is the nonprofit organization,East Baltimore Development Inc. (EBDI). EBDI has worked closely with the local residents and businesses to capitalize on their strengths and strategically address challenges to develop a viable and sustainable area.

Johns Hopkins University, the largest employer in the area, is a committed supporter of the redevelopment effort. Representatives from Johns Hopkins participate in the project’s key committees.

The Annie E. Casey Foundation is devoted to developing a brighter future for millions of children at risk of poor educational, economic, social and health outcomes. The foundation has played a pivotal role throughout the development effort to insure that the project is beneficial to, and inclusive of existing residents interests and concerns.

Together, the Stakeholders have the vision, practical experience, and the capabilities to design, build, lease, fit out, finance, operate, and meet the complex needs of each client – from early stage to mature organizations.
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